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“For the Health of It” Consultation Services
"For the Health of It" Consultation Services is a company that promotes the health of organizations and individuals in an electrifying, non-traditional manner.

The most popular program is Laugh For the Health of It, the nationally acclaimed workshop that deals with the emotional and physiological benefits of laughter, fun and play, and demonstrates how you can incorporate these benefits into your life. During this workshop, Hedda Matza-Haughton transforms into Princess Juicy Joy, the entertaining and uplifting presenter of the Laugh For the Health of It program.

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If you would like to know more about dates and times of Princess Juicy Joy’s future workshops and programs (view the client list); arrange to have her speak at your organization, workplace, business or community; receive information about future newsletters and other notifications or the Laughter Invitation Workbook; or order laughter kits, complete the contact form.

“Words Not Spoken”
Hedda Matza-Haughton also offers another exciting program called “Words Not Spoken” -- a dynamic, interactive, improvisational drama, educational and prevention program addressing issues such as bullying; building self-esteem; dating and intimate partner violence; workplace issues, such as customer service and management issues; intimacy and sexuality in aging; communication and choices in illness and death & dying and other life experiences.

bully girls
Cancer Survivorship

Intimacy & Aging

“Words Not Spoken” is effective with professional audiences, as well as teenagers, young adults, parents and other adults from the general community. Learn more about “Words Not Spoken”.



This new addition to the “Words Not Spoken” series, a play entitled Inner Voices: Sex, Intimacy & Aging, is a one woman show where through the eyes and hearts of different characters, you experience their truths about sex, intimacy, and aging. Hedda's ability to dig deeply into each characters emotions, brings laughter and joy and touches hearts deeply.

Performances of the play can be booked alone or accompanied by a topic discussion. The play was written and performed by Hedda Matza- Haughton at the Sarasolo Festival where she revieved the Sarasolo Queen's Medal For Valour Award for her work. If you are interested in booking a performance of Inner Voices: Sex, Intimacy, and Aging please contact her here.

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