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Princess Juicy Joy (a.k.a. Hedda Matza-Haughton, LCSW), is a specialist in the area of communication between the mind and body, and a breast cancer survivor. She is the founder and president of "For the Health of It" Consultation Services.

Hedda has appeared on local and national TV and in various newspapers as an authority on: stress management, family relationships/interactions, health education and creativity through laughter for organizations and individuals. She has done extensive work in creating and developing support programs for survivors of cancer and other life- threatening illnesses, their families and the community.

An expert in tapping into the audience’s creative abilities in a fun, playful and inspiring atmosphere, Hedda has designed and conducted a variety of programs for health, corporate and community settings. These programs have helped to improve employee relationships and customer service, and enhance community education. She also has created adult, teen and young adult improvisational theatre training programs, entitled, “Words Not Spoken,” dealing with such issues as family violence, teen and young adult dating relationships and communication, death and dying. She was co-founder and director of the national award winning “FACES,” an improvisational teen theatre group dealing with adolescence issues.

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