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Princess Juicy Joy’s Laughter Kit

- "Special Moments with Princess Juicy Joy" CD or Audiocassette
- Joyful Affirmations Card
- Clown Nose
- Bubble Surprise

Prescription for Laughter:

- Bring this kit to friends or family members when they are ill or in the hospital.

- Bring it to a friend for a birthday celebration.

- Bring it to your boss or fellow co-worker as a stress reducer.

- Most importantly -- use it yourself.

It’s fun, inspirational, joyous and helpful to your body and spirit.


Princess Juicy Joy’s Laughter Kit

The perfect prescription for stress reduction.
A gift of joy and healing for your body, mind and spirit.

Use as often as needed.

Prescription for Laughter

Princess Juicy Joy, sometimes known as Hedda Matza-Haughton, LCSW, has created an exciting Laughter Kit to tickle your mind and spirit and keep you laughing and learning.

Included are: a red clown nose; a bubble surprise; and a CD or audiocassette, entitled "Special Moments With Princess Juicy Joy," which begins with pure laughter followed by wonderful inspirational stories of how laughter has been a powerful tool in her life, and in facing a life-threatening illness. She provides important tips on how to incorporate more laughter, fun and play into one’s life in order to deal with stress, enhance communication, increase energy, and improve one's sense of well being. Joyful affirmations can be found on both the CD and tape and the handy reference card inside the Laughter Kit. Extensive research has proven what Princess Juicy Joy has always known instinctively, that laughter is powerful in the healing process. The sections of pure laughter creatively prove that laughter is contagious.


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