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A Variety of Venues

Outlined below are ways that the “Words Not Spoken” improvisational theatre prevention and education program can be presented. Discussion between the sponsoring organization(e.g. school, healthcare agency,etc.) and/or business and “Words Not Spoken” creator/director will help design the program to best meet the community’s (or sponsoring group’s) needs. This collaboration provides the steps that lead to effective prevention and education for the organization or community served, and allows for work in this area to continue after the program is presented. Classroom sessions and workshops using improvisational theatre are also offered in addition to the performance based programming, and are designed on issues, such as bullying and dating violence, etc. that are important to the school, agency, business or other community facility.

Please note that there are endless possibilities of how these venues can be selected and combined based on your needs. When possible, it is helpful to have members of the target population be involved both in the planning and as the actors, in order to make the program effective for your population.

  1. Opening Event or Workshop at Local, Regional, National Young Adult and/or Adult Conferences - To help promote awareness/education and prevention of the issues presented
  2. Education and Training Program at Your Agency, Hospital or Business - To help promote awareness/education and prevention of the issues presented
  3. Part of a Local Outreach Event-Public Awareness Campaigns - These events could be programs presented and sponsored by community facilities (e.g. churches, synagogues, educational institutions, hospitals, centers and other community-based organizations)
  4. Coalitions and Collaborations/Networking/Linkages – “Words Not Spoken” can be presented at an event used to publicize the work of newly formed coalitions or well established coalitions (e.g. Domestic Violence Task Force), or by having an event featuring “Words Not Spoken” to heighten awareness of specific issues (e.g. domestic violence; dating and relationship violence; communication and choices in death and dying; aging, intimacy and sexuality)
  1. Creation of “Words Not Spoken” in the School/University - Work with students to create the presentation
  2. Teachers, Counselors, and other School/University Personnel - Prior to the youth/young adult presentation, a training session would be held on the issues (e.g. dating violence and abuse, healthy relationships, family violence, etc.), and how to be helpful to any youth/young adults who may come forward after the presentation. Training would include the viewing, if possible, of “Words Not Spoken.”
  3. Students - Presentation of “Words Not Spoken” to the designated school population, performed as many times as desired
  4. Students - Classroom sessions where the artist in residence, Ms. Hedda Matza-Haughton integrates improvisational theatre on such topics as bullying, dating violence, etc
  5. Parents - Presentation of “Words Not Spoken” to parents
  6. Community-Wide Adult Presentation - Presentation of “Words Not Spoken” to the general community of an adult population
  7. Community-Wide Youth and Adult Presentation - Presentation of “Words Not Spoken” to the general community with youth/young adults and adults as the audience, promoting dialogue between the groups on the issue
  1. Community Youth Programming Sponsored by Agencies and/or Organizations – “Words Not Spoken” is incorporated into their regular programming
  2. General Community Outreach Events for Youth/Young Adults - Sponsoring organization (or network of organizations) holds an event in the community for youth, which could be organized around such things as a national celebrated month (e.g. Domestic Violence Awareness Month), or in response to community issues
  3. Opening Event or Workshop at Local, Regional, or National Youth/Young Adult Conferences - To help promote awareness/education and prevention of the issues presented
  Any Many More Ways … To Be Discussed
"Words Not Spoken" Menu:

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