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The following videos are from a “Words Not Spoken” on Communication and Choices in Death Dying, presented at the ANNA & CNSW Renal Update Conference in Seattle, Washington on March 2006.

The theatre piece of the program begins with monologues of different characters dealing with the issue of death and dying. Each person created their own monologues with the training and assistance of the Director, Hedda Matza- Haughton, LCSW. You will be viewing some of the monologues from that presentation in Seattle, Washington. Each time “Words Not Spoken” is presented, the monologues are different.

Each time the “Words Not Spoken” program is presented, the monologues are different and the issue discussed may be different depending on the interests and needs of the sponsoring organization, agency, or company.

Choose from the following videos:

  1. Introduction
  2. “Words Not Spoken” Characters
  3. Questions & Answers
  4. Presentation & Group Discussion
  5. Final Thoughts by Hedda
"Words Not Spoken" Menu:

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