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Inner Voices - Aging, Intimacy, and Sexuality - Discovering Joy!
An exciting “Words Not Spoken” workshop featuring Hedda Matza-Haughton, LCSW as actress and discussion facilitator. This important and often unspoken topic, is explored poignantly and at times humorously through the use of improvisational drama.

This dynamic interactive workshop features:

  • Monologues sharing inner feelings of aging adults on intimacy issues
  • Discussion and interactive learning on helping older adults:
    • Increase awareness of their needs
    • Improve communication
    • Achieve joy and fulfillment

This presentation was performed at the Gertrud Haber Price Staff Institute Day Conference in New York City in June 2006. The conference was entitled, “The Heart has No Wrinkles: Intimacy Needs of Older Adults.”


A JASA staff attendee stated at Hedda’s workshop, entitled, “Inner Voices- Aging, Intimacy, and Sexulity- Discovering Joy, presented at the Gertrud Haber Price JASA Staff Institute Day Conference, entitled, “The Heart has No Wrinkles: Intimacy Needs of Older Adults in New York City, in Manhattan, NY in June 2006:

“The different characters that you portrayed were so real and true to the older adults we meet in our professional day to day work. The interactive exercises and discussion that followed the monologues, was so helpful in providing techniques on how to open up the topic with older adults, assist them in stating their needs and supporting them in achieving meaningful intimate relationships.”

This program is excellent for an audience of aging adults, aging adults with their families, as well as for professionals who provide services to them. Workshops and programs are designed to meet the needs of the organization; fees are determined by program design.

Please note, that Ms. Matza-Haughton, can do other workshops dealing with issues other than the topic of aging, intimacy and sexuality, in this format, where she performs all the characters in the improvisational drama.

Inner Voices:
Aging, Intimacy, & Sexuality
Discovering Joy!
A dynamic interactive workshop.
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